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About Us
Welcome to Mazen DJs. We have over 12 years of experience DJing a variety of events but most of our events are weddings. Your wedding day is something you'll remember forever and that's why you should hire the best. We take time to meet and talk with our clients to ensure that their event will be a success. Not only do we perform at weddings but we also have performed at corporate events, private parties, holiday, and other family events.
Why Us
When you hire Mazen DJs, you will have the comfort of knowing that you are hiring someone who has experience, appropriate attire, and a planned itinerary or agenda. We take time to talk and meet with you to learn your tastes in music, event expectations, and create a timeline so that your event moves along smoothly and is entertaining. This allows you to show up and not have to worry about anything because you hired a professional event coordinator, like us!
Mazen DJs :: Fort Wayne :: Indiana
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